viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

random parties in Leuven

these are just some pics of different parties ive been to in Leuven... ive been very busy lately so i havent been able to update the blog as often as id like to but this is my attempt to start using the photos in my camera wend10

here im wearing an old dress that i love and a cropped cardigan made by my seamstress in Venezuela, Marlene. Whoever knows me, knows that shes always making things for me cause in Venezuela clothes are very expensive and there are not many options to choose from / erika, sophia and me. SOHPIAS BDAY PARTY


they are not related at all P1080319 P1080318 P1080316 wend9

salsa class at pangea wend6

el unico venezolano por estas tierras... wend7

my outfit was flapper inspired.. wend8

but florian took my scarf and wore it in a completely different way, after party at the seven oaks...
  wken3pijama party wend2

nico playing beer pong wend4

my guys wend1

sven looking rad

ijan and me

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