lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Vintage Oscars . my favorite shots

oscars1 1. The 11th Academy Awards (1939). Best Actor Spencer Tracy ("Boys Town") and Best Actress Bette Davis ("Jezebel"). Her dress says I´m a superstar. Love it! 2. The 9th Academy Awards (1937). Best Supporting Actor Walter Brennan (“Come and Get It”) and Best Supporting Actress Gale Sondergaard (“Anthony Adverse”). The dress code for the Oscars had not been established back then altough her ensemble is not very formal, I like the flower motif. 3.The 12th Academy Awards (1940). Best Supporting Actress Hattie McDaniel (“Gone with the Wind”) and presenter Fay Bainter. The first African American to win an Academy Award. R E S P E C T. 4. The 11th Academy Awards (1939). Walt Disney receives one statuette and seven miniature statuettes from Shirley Temple for "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Shirley looks as cute as always with that peter pan collar and the curls. oscars2 1. The 21st Academy Awards (1949). Best Actress Jane Wyman (“Johnny Belinda”). She proved white and simple can be elegant and make an statement - right gwyneth? -. 2. The 13th Academy Awards (1941). Best Actress Ginger Rogers ("Kitty Foyle") and Best Actor James Stewart ("The Philadelphia Story"). Frilly dresses were her signature. 3. The 18th Academy Awards (1946). Joan Crawford was nominated as best actress for Mildred Pierce but she didn’t want to face losing so she claimed she was ill with flu. She sent her make-up artist and hair stylist to the ceremony in case she won, which she did. Immediately, the statuette was sent to her hospital, closely followed by photographers. There she posed for pictures. They stole the next day’s front pages and upstaged everyone else who won that night. Drama Queen. 4. The 16th Academy Awards (1944). Best Music Score Alfred Newman ("The Song of Bernadette"). Classic pinstripes oscars3 1. The 24th Academy Awards (1952). Best Actor Humphrey Bogart ("The African Queen") with Claire Trevor. Bogart looking good as always and Claire Trevor´s look is dreamy. 2. The 23rd Academy Awards (1951). Best Sound Recording winner Thomas T. Moulton ("All about Eve") with Marilyn Monroe. Does it need a caption? the picture is all about her. 3. The 20th Academy Awards (1948). Darryl F. Zanuck ("Gentlemen's Agreement"), Best Actress Loretta Young ("The Farmer's Daughter"), Best Actor Ronald Colman ("A Double Life"). Just look at her hair: perfection. Like the mustaches the guys are sporting. 4.The 24th Academy Awards (1952). Best Costume Design Edith Head ("A Place in the Sun"). She won several awards as a costume desginer and created the Oscars´ dress code. Not the prettiest but always well dressed. oscars4 1. The 26th Academy Awards (1954). Best Actress Audrey Hepburn ("Roman Holiday"). I´m not a fan of Hepburn, her thick eyebrowns and flat chest make me really nervous but this dress is just perfect. 2. The 27th Academy Awards (1955). Humphrey Bogart was nominated but Marlon Brando took the award home. His prize was holding Lauren Bacall´s arm. Everything about her outfit screams movie star. Love the details of the dress. 3. The 31st Academy Awards (1959). Best Actor David Niven ("Separate Tables") and Best Actress Susan Hayward ("I Want To Live!"). He has the face of a movie star. 4. The 30th Academy Awards (1958). Best Supporting Actress Miyoshi Umeki ("Sayonara").She was the first Asian performer to win an Oscar and wore a kimono for the ceremony. I think she looked amazing.

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

In Bruges

Bruges is a magical city and so beautiful it hurts. My friend Isabel was visiting from Spain so I had to take her to show her one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. The historic city centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO / Brujas es una ciudad mágica y es tan linda que duele. Mi amiga Isabel me vino a visitar de España así que tenía que llevarla a ver una de las ciudades más bonitas de Bélgica.  El centro histórico de la ciudad es un prominente Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO. 

The city has tiny roads and plenty of bridges and it is sometimes referred to as "The Venice of the North".Bruges has most of its medieval architecture intact and that makes it even more special. I am not going to describe it but show you some of my snapshots./ La ciudad tiene muchos caminitos y puentes y a veces se refieren a ella como "La Venecia del Norte". Brujas tiene la mayoría de  su arquitectura medieval intacta y eso la hace aún más especial. No voy a describirla pero mejor les enseño algunas de  mis fotos.
1a 2 19a look at this cute house with a "lace" detail. Bruges is famous for the quality of its lace./ miren esta casa con el detalle de "Encaje". Brujas es famosa por la calidad de sus encajes.11 me and Isabel in one of the many canals around the city. 6 P1090259 finding our way / Buscando el camino. 14c 10 9 old and cute 7 8 old guys playing the belgian equivalent of bolas Criollas. / los  viejitos jugando el  equivalente belga de Bolas Criollas5 3 4 ducks looked like the ones in cartoons and they were huge! isabel had a blast feeding them with Doritos P1090265 13 loved what they did to this house. / me gusta lo que hicieron con esta casa17 we went shopping to one of my favorite shops in Britain. The bag probably ruined the picture but we are showing out loyalty to New Look. Isabel was ecstatic  to find the shop in Belgium -she actually started yelling on the bus when she saw it -because there aren´t any in Spain /  fuimos a comprar en una de mis tiendas favoritas del Reino Unido. La bolsa probablemente arruinó la foto pero así mostramos nuestra lealtad a New Look. Isabel se volvió loca cuando se dio cuenta de que había una tienda en Bélgica  - de hecho, empezó a gritar en el bus cuando vio la tienda -porque en España no hay ninguna.18a Veritas is the name of a neighbourhoood in Maracaibo. Homesickness alert 15a At the Old Fish Market

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Carnival in Koln

I know it´s not Rio and it´s cold but Carnival in Cologne was awesome. This is the biggest carnival party in Europe and it attracts visitors from different countries. It was cool to see germans going crazy, having fun and dancing. The city itself -or what I had the chance to see- looks pretty good and the parade went through different parts of it. I was lucky enough to find a couple of Spanish girls (Monica and Sonia), a Spanish guy (Jose) and Martin, the tour guide, to spend the day with. I couldnt ask for better company, we had a blast. / Yo sé que no es Rio y es frio pero el Carnaval de Colonia fue increible. Este es el carnaval mas grande de Europa y atrae turistas de diferentes paises. Fue agradable ver a los alemanes vueltos locos, divirtiendose y bailando. La ciudad en si - o lo que tuve chance de ver- se ve bastante bien y la comparsa recorre varias partes de la misma. Fui lo suficientemente afortunada de encontrar a dos chicas españolas (Monica y Sonia), un chico español (Jose) y Martin, el guia del tour,para pasar el dia. No pude pedir mejor compañia porque la pasamos buenisimo.

They have all sorts of traditions like asking for kisses, satirical floats with the faces of the most important politicians and a special bread in the shape of a clown, among others. Martin tried to teach us some words. For example when someone says “Kölle" we had to say "Alaaf” and to ask for candies we had to say something similar to caramelo in spanish./ en el carnaval tienen todo tipo de tradiciones, como pedir besos, comparsas satiricas de los politicos mas importantes y un pan especial en forma de payaso, entre otras. Martin trato de enseñarnos algunas palabras. Por ejemplo, cuando alguien dice "Kolle" nosotros teniamos que decir "Alaaf" y para pedir caramelos teniamos que decir algo muy similar a la palabra caramelo en español.

The whole city becomes a big party and germans sing and dance along songs sung in dialects but the nicest thing to see was that people make an effort to come up with creative costumes. / Toda la ciudad se convierte en un gran fiesta y los alemanes cantan y bailan canciones cantadas en dialectos pero lo mas agradable de ver es que la gente de verdad hace un esfuerzo para inventar disfraces creativos.
3a My costume was "late 50s stewardess" / Mi disfraz fue azafata de finales de los 50. 2 The crew 5 Collage de Picnik playing the part 4 With Martin, the german 7 21 clockwork orange and davide 6 vascos y españoles 1 first chocolate I got from the floats!!! 17 20 merkel 18 Monica y Sonia 16_picnik 15 even the doughnuts were decorated and had alcohol! filled with liqueur Collage de Picnik2 costumes I liked, look at Karl Lagerfeld! 10 11 the girls and Jose 14 13 a souvenir I got from a random girl on the street

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

social media ads - 50s style


This is how social media ads would have looked liked this if they had been created in the 50s
Así se verían los anuncios de las redes sociales si hubiesen sido creados en los años 50.

via On the ground looking up

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

lazy post

yep, its a lazy post. It means no real photos and no story behind. These pics were taken with inset camera from my laptop. ear muffs from pimkie, 40s trousers, cardigan from H & M and the accesories from Claire´s.

  120110-105135120110-105159 120110-105244

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

the man in black

and in the end I saw the man in black...Henry Rollins himself! I was sitting on the 5th row in an big auditorium and to my surprise; full house! the audience was predominantly white, male and 30 - 40 years old and there was I: short, brown and with my victory rolls eagerly awating for what he had to say / y al final vi al hombre de negro...Henry Rollins! Me senté en la 5ta fila en un auditorio grandisimo y para mi sorpresa: casa llena! la audiencia fue predominantemente masculina, blanca y de 30 a 40 años y ahí estaba yo: pequeñita, marroncita y con mis victory rolls esperando ansiosa por lo que el tenia que decir. 

The show did not dissapoint. The minute he went on the stage everyone smiled. He only had words to entertain us, he was against a plain background, under the spotlight,  fully dressed in black and shooting words as fast as he could. His striking energy lasted for over 3 hours but we, the audience, did not feel that the show lasted that long - I talked to some other people about it and they all agreed-. One can tell Punk still flows through his veins and a series of anecdotes from the Black Flag era and suggesting the Ramones + Pizza can solve any problems people may have were the evidence. He talked extensively about politics, the US government and his trips. As I said before, the world needs more people like him and he should keep on talking.../ El show no decepcionó. En cuanto salió al escenario todo el mundo sonrió. Sólo tenía palabras para entretenernos porque se paró en un escenario de un solo color, bajo la luz, vestido todo de negro y disparando palabras lo más rápido que pudo (sólo apto para gente con buen nivel de inglés). Su energía se mantuvo por más de 3 horas y nosotros, la audiencia no sentimos que el show duró tanto - hablé después con otra gente y estuvieron de acuerdo-. Uno se da cuenta que el Punk todavía corre por sus venas y una serie de anécdotas sobre la era Black Flag y la sugerencia de usar pizza y los Ramones para resolver cualquier problema fueron la evidencia. Habló extensivamente sobre política, el gobierno de USA y sus viajes. Como dije antes, el mundo necesita más gente como él y debería seguir hablando....

P1090334 P1090337 this the fustration face when talking about the US. hrfinal this is what I wore to go to the show. I finally had the chance to match the skirt and the shoes with the help of thermal leggins, both from Think Twice, a vintage shop here in Leuven.
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