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Vintage Oscars . my favorite shots

oscars1 1. The 11th Academy Awards (1939). Best Actor Spencer Tracy ("Boys Town") and Best Actress Bette Davis ("Jezebel"). Her dress says I´m a superstar. Love it! 2. The 9th Academy Awards (1937). Best Supporting Actor Walter Brennan (“Come and Get It”) and Best Supporting Actress Gale Sondergaard (“Anthony Adverse”). The dress code for the Oscars had not been established back then altough her ensemble is not very formal, I like the flower motif. 3.The 12th Academy Awards (1940). Best Supporting Actress Hattie McDaniel (“Gone with the Wind”) and presenter Fay Bainter. The first African American to win an Academy Award. R E S P E C T. 4. The 11th Academy Awards (1939). Walt Disney receives one statuette and seven miniature statuettes from Shirley Temple for "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Shirley looks as cute as always with that peter pan collar and the curls. oscars2 1. The 21st Academy Awards (1949). Best Actress Jane Wyman (“Johnny Belinda”). She proved white and simple can be elegant and make an statement - right gwyneth? -. 2. The 13th Academy Awards (1941). Best Actress Ginger Rogers ("Kitty Foyle") and Best Actor James Stewart ("The Philadelphia Story"). Frilly dresses were her signature. 3. The 18th Academy Awards (1946). Joan Crawford was nominated as best actress for Mildred Pierce but she didn’t want to face losing so she claimed she was ill with flu. She sent her make-up artist and hair stylist to the ceremony in case she won, which she did. Immediately, the statuette was sent to her hospital, closely followed by photographers. There she posed for pictures. They stole the next day’s front pages and upstaged everyone else who won that night. Drama Queen. 4. The 16th Academy Awards (1944). Best Music Score Alfred Newman ("The Song of Bernadette"). Classic pinstripes oscars3 1. The 24th Academy Awards (1952). Best Actor Humphrey Bogart ("The African Queen") with Claire Trevor. Bogart looking good as always and Claire Trevor´s look is dreamy. 2. The 23rd Academy Awards (1951). Best Sound Recording winner Thomas T. Moulton ("All about Eve") with Marilyn Monroe. Does it need a caption? the picture is all about her. 3. The 20th Academy Awards (1948). Darryl F. Zanuck ("Gentlemen's Agreement"), Best Actress Loretta Young ("The Farmer's Daughter"), Best Actor Ronald Colman ("A Double Life"). Just look at her hair: perfection. Like the mustaches the guys are sporting. 4.The 24th Academy Awards (1952). Best Costume Design Edith Head ("A Place in the Sun"). She won several awards as a costume desginer and created the Oscars´ dress code. Not the prettiest but always well dressed. oscars4 1. The 26th Academy Awards (1954). Best Actress Audrey Hepburn ("Roman Holiday"). I´m not a fan of Hepburn, her thick eyebrowns and flat chest make me really nervous but this dress is just perfect. 2. The 27th Academy Awards (1955). Humphrey Bogart was nominated but Marlon Brando took the award home. His prize was holding Lauren Bacall´s arm. Everything about her outfit screams movie star. Love the details of the dress. 3. The 31st Academy Awards (1959). Best Actor David Niven ("Separate Tables") and Best Actress Susan Hayward ("I Want To Live!"). He has the face of a movie star. 4. The 30th Academy Awards (1958). Best Supporting Actress Miyoshi Umeki ("Sayonara").She was the first Asian performer to win an Oscar and wore a kimono for the ceremony. I think she looked amazing.

  oscars51. The 32nd Academy Awards (1960).Fred Astaire and master of ceremonies Bob Hope onstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre. What can I say about Fred Astaire? He´s just one of my favorite actors/dancers of all times. 2. The 37th Academy Awards (1965). Best Actress Julie Andrews ("Mary Poppins") with Best Song winners Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman ("Chim Chim Cher-ee" from "Mary Poppins"). Julie is one of my all time favorites and Mary Poppins was my favorite movie when I was a kid. Diamonds and a winning smile... 3. The 34th Academy Awards (1962). Best Actress Sofia Loren ("Two Women"). Her make up is flawless and what a smile!. 4. The 36th Academy Awards (1964). Best Actor Sidney Poitier ("Lilies of the Field") accepts his Oscar from Anne Bancroft. First African American man to win the award. one of the most handsome leading man of all times. oscars6 1. The 46th Academy Awards (1974). Ten-year-old Tatum O'Neal became the youngest winner ever in a competitive Academy Awards category when she won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "Paper Moon.". she looks super cute even dressed as a little boy. 2. The 39th Academy Awards (1967). Best Actress Elizabeth Taylor ("Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"). Big hair and tons of jewelry, that was Taylor´s style. 3. The 36th Academy Awards (1964). Presenter Julie Andrews with Federico Fellini, who directed and co-wrote the Foreign Language Film award winner ("Federico Felini's 8 1/2"). 4. The 42nd Academy Awards (1970). Honorary Award recipient Cary Grant with presenter Frank Sinatra. Who´s the biggest star in this photo? oscars 7 The 44th Academy Awards (1972). Honorary Award to Charles Chaplin for the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century. all pictures and facts from oscars.org

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