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On why I wear summer dresses all year round, wellies and headpieces

I´ve been asked different kinds of questions regarding my style and it is simply difficult to answer when you feel the rest do not "get it". I come from a very homogeneous country where most  girls want to look like the Kardashians and now I live in a country in which make up and dressing up is not the rule. It is undeniable that both this aspects have an influence on the way I look but on the other hand, I find my ways to separate myself from whats around me. 

Here in Belgium, and in Venezuela, it can be difficult to be yourself. We have magazines, television shows, and even friends telling us what we should look like and what is more accepted. My problem is that if I pick up a magazine, the women shown there are not like me. I also must admit that I've always had a soft spot for fur trimmings and color -especially red that now has a political connotation in Venezuela-  but until a few years ago, told myself it was wrong not to enjoy clothes that I like.

As I said I like fur, wellies, silly patterns and headpieces. Those things might not be the latest fashion magazine trends but in my little world of summer dresses all year round, they look good. My interest for vintage clothes comes from refusing to wearing skinny jeans and ugg boots with the excuse of staying warm. It is undeniable how glamourous women looked in the bygone eras and that´s something I try to emulate.

It can be hard sometimes. Firstable because it is a lot of work and second, because you´ll have to learn to deal with people staring at you if you're a bit different from everyone else. But if you want to wear ruffles and colors in the winter, do it! Do it sometimes or do it everyday! I try to think that I´m building my own style, and so should you...clothes are not merely protection or a layer to cover our naked bodies, you can make a statement with them, hve fun with them or as I do, create a fantasy world in which I juggle with the midcentury lifestyle and the modern world. 

The reactions are not always negative, I always get approached by older women and I get smiles of approval. My friends understand that I´ve never been a very conventional Venezuelan and sometimes people on the streets look amused by my looks. So, my conclusion is whatever it is you like, do it. I think that at least when I grow older, Ill have nothing to regret when it comes to my sartorial choices, no matter how silly they may look for other people, because I´m having fun while I do it. 

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Hey vero! dijo...

Qué hermoso esto :_)

Harlow Darling dijo...

You are so brilliant, I really loved reading this because this is exactly how I feel as well!

I live in Australia and in my country fashion isn't really a big thing. Most women aren't interested in getting dolled up (unless they have to for some sort of special occasion) and don't really understand people who want to put on a nice dress and some makeup just to go out.

So most of the time when I go out and I put on a simple dress (by my standards) I get people asking if I'm going "somewhere special" - this happens every day! I get a lot of stares and questions from people who are confused by why I would want to "dress up".

Sometimes I get a little annoyed when people stare at me, because staring is really bad manners and because it makes me uncomfortable.
Like you said though, I always think about it the same way too - atleast when I am old I can look back at what I wore and not be embarrassed :P

Jessica Cangiano dijo...

I completely agree regarding building a style that is one's own. There's much to be said for taking inspiration from others, but I firmly believe that when all is said and done, each of us should march to our own sartorial beat.

♥ Jessica

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