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I´m 29 years old so I´ve been thinking a lot about enjoying this ride called life a bit more. In general I can say I do most of the things I like doing but there are a few things I´ve been delaying for one reason or the other.The desperate feeling of life having passed me by that dogged me in my late 20s is almost gone because I know my place in the world and I'm secure in the knowledge of what I'm capable of. Best of all, I know that I am surrounded by friends and family who will love me for who I am and thinking about what I want to do next I realized that I´ve done so many things that made/make me happy (even though theyre not importanto for other people). After a long thought, this a list of thing I´d like to do this year (or the next one hehe):

1. Get another tattoo.
2. Learn to knit. I´m afraid it´s very time consuming but once I master it, I could watch TV and do it at the same time.
3. Travel to Asia.
4. Reach my goal weight.
5. Go to Morocco
6. Post a tutorial for the blog - hair if it´s possible-
7 . Learn another language (dutch maybe?).
8. Learn to use my camera properly -so many features I don´t know how to use. This will change.
10. Learn how to make a decent Croque Madame. luv them!
11. Go on a road trip (again)
12. Participate actively in a charity.
13. Do something Crafty.
14. Post more regularly. Sometimes I just don´t have enough time.
15.Read more books. and I mean books that are not related to the university. I used to read a lot but I´ve been busy to read just for fun.
16. Make chocolate mousse. I´m in Belgium, the country with the best chocolate in the world so that guarantees good quality ingredients.
17. Hug a panda. This is gonna be difficult :s
18. Take up  Swing dancing lessons. didnt finish the course though :s
19. Keep my planner in order. I lack of organizational skills but I try by using colors, post its, etc.
20. Read the Song of Song (complete) from the Bible  and if possible recite one passage to a man.
22. Make arepas for my friends in Belgium.
24. Take a wine tasting course.
25. Send the cutest guy in the bar a drink.
26. Wear the fur coat I got. I have to admit I´m afraid of getting looks from people here cause belgians are quite conservative when it comes to clothes. /i did it but i dont have pics...
27. Start drawing more. I used to love it when I was a child, why not taking it up again?
28. Go to NYC
29. Find LOVE
30. Go to the opera
31. Finish my Masters.
32. Take my mom to Leuven.I want her to see where I live.

33. Take a day-trip with my dad.

34. Open an online store.

35. Win a blog award or a feature.

36. Visit a brewery...stella? hoegaarden?

37. Go to a stand-up comedy show. I went to an improv show in Buenos Aires but I´d like to go to a show and just laugh.

38. Start a PHD.

39. Ride a camel or an elephant.

40. Have a portrait or cartoon made for me.

If I can make 20 out of these, I would be more than happy...

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. - James Dean

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