Clothes made by my dear friend Juan de los Mares, who is not only an amazing photographer but he also designs clothes both for women and men.

Rosshanna is a student and model from Maracaibo. Painfully young and beautiful. She blogs about her trips, model gigs and outifts.

She´s a Venezuelan blogger/fashion student living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a good eye for mixing the un-mixable, writes her posts with sense of humor and happens to be my friend. Lovely girl.

Vero is a storyteller with a passion for design, color  and illustration. Her blog has plenty of  sense of humor and she sugarcoats everything she writes (pun inteded). She aspires to be a full-time traveller but at the moment she is a freelance graphic designer. Her blog features reviews, advice for diabetics (she is one), events information, DIY and a lot more (in Spanish).

Headwear from Maracaibo, Venezuela. Three talented girls got together and have created the most succesful local brand in our region. The blog section is lovely and they put up amazing photo shoots with the help of the best photographers of the city.

A Venezuelan girl living in Miami. Her formula: massive heels, high maintenance hair and a beautiful smile.







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