viernes, 8 de abril de 2011


Inspirada por un día de pelo rebelde, decidí usar mis rulos naturales y hacerme un peinado que se parece al famoso poodle de Lucille Ball o a uno de los estilos que Betty Grable inmortalizo.

Soy bastante novata en lo que a peluquería se refiere, pero decidí intentarlo. Para ser mi primera vez quedo bien y una comanera del curso de hecho me dijo que entre el peinado y las perlas me veia glamorousa jeje.

Inspired by a bad hair day, I decided to sport my natural curls and get a hairdo that ended up being a lot like Lucille Ball's poodle-do or to one of the hair styles that the great Betty Grabe inmortalized.

I'm very rookie when it comes to doing my own vintage hairdos, bt I decided to give it a shot and actually, considering the fact that it was my first time it wasn't that bad. In fact, one of my classmates complemented me by saying that I looked very glamorous with the hairdo and the pearls....hehe

My teachers Bobby and Emma (back left) and my classmates

My first Poodle-do

the whole outfit

mi portafolio

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